Solar Cell Simulation

Currently MicroTec is used by the following companies for Simulation of Solar Cells

Advent Solar, New Mexico, USA

Centrotherm, Germany

Ultradots, California, USA

Energy Centre Netherlands, the Hague, Netherlands


Two-dimensional Solar Cell Simulator MicroTec

Publications Using MicroTec Solar Cell Simulations:

National Renewable Energy Lab, Colorado, USA

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  2. T.H. Wang, M.R. Page, and T.F. Ciszek, "Two-Dimensional Simulations of Thin-Silicon Solar Cells", 12th Workshop on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Materials and Processes, Workshop held at Beaver Run Resort Breckenridge, Colorado, August 11-14, 2002.
  3. T.H. Wang*, Q. Wang, M.R. Page, R.E. Bauer, T.F. Ciszek, "Hydrogen Passivation and Junction Formation on APIVT-Deposited Thin-Layer Silicon by Hot-Wire CVD", Thin Solid Films 430 (2003) 261–264.

Advent Solar, New Mexico, USA

  1. M. M. Hilali, P. Hacke, and James M. Gee, “Two-Dimensional Modeling of EWT Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells and Comparison with the IBC Solar Cell,” IEEE 4th WorldConference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, May 2006, pp. 1299-1303.
  2. P. Hacke, J. Gee, M. Hilali, J. Dominguez, H. Dundas, G. Lopez, B. Sopori, “Current State of Technologies for Industrial Emitter Wrap-Though Solar Cell,” presented at the 21st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Dresden, Germany, Sept. 4-8, 2006, pp. 761-764.
  3. J. M. Gee, P. Hacke, and M. Hilali, “Emitter-Wrap-Through Back-Contact Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells and Modules,” Technical Digest of the International PVSEC-17, Fukuoka, Japan, 2007, PL3-3, pp. 28-31.

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